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Fencing and trellising can add interest to your garden, as well as being functional. PA Sloan Garden Patio and Paving can construct and install all types; from basic panel fencing too more decorative fencing and trellising. There is a wide variety of fencing to choose from depending on your specific needs and budget.Decking Fencing & Pergolas - A01


Panelled Fencing

Panelled fencing is the most widely used method due to its flexibility, availability and easy erection.

Pressure treated timber posts are concreted approximately 18″-24″ into the ground, a panel distance apart. Pre made panels are then secured to the upright posts using brackets and or screws. A cap or finial is secured to the top of each post to protect it from the weather.


Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing is a more expensive fencing method than panel but much stronger and more durable. Each pressure treated post is positioned and held in place, while the shaped end of an arris rails is inserted into the pre-cut slots in the post. The next post is then erected, slotting the other end of the arris rail into place. This method continues until the full length of the proposed fence is complete. Close board panels are then secured to the arris rails with nails or screws.